Customer Testimonials

“As a new resident in Las Vegas, I appreciated that you made it easy… I actually got a lower quote on the car, but when you bundled the renter’s insurance it worked in your favor; and it’s not always just about cost. I did want to create a local affiliation.”

Steve C.

“Thank you so much for reviewing our family’s insurance. Between our auto, home and umbrella policy- we are now saving over $800 a year – with better coverage!!”

Doug and Wendy W.

“It took years for our company to find a great insurance professional. It’s Tom Raasch! Not only is he skilled in all areas of insurance, he communicates insurance jargon in a straight-forward, accessible and understandable way. If we want him to answer a simple question, he does it quickly and promptly, but if we want to know “why” behind it, his explanations are clear and concise. He is also honest, a man of his word and nice guy just to be around. We are pleased to have Tom as our insurance service provider.”

Joyanna "Joy" D.

“Thanks again for all your help, I smile when I realize we pay $1,000 less a month than we used to!”

Wes M.

“Service is always excellent.”

Ken D

“They have always been helpful, when we needed insurance help. And they make a real effort to keep your cost down.”

Jill D

“Very good your workers have great customer service.”

Tanisha D

“We are very satisfied with the service you have given us over the years.”

David C

“I love this place! I’ve been using the office off of pebble for years. Every time I go in I’m greeted by name. I’m only there for a few mins and I’m on my way. When I have questions they are quickly answered in a way I can understand. I truly love working with First Dependable.”

Jordan C

“Everyone is has a smile when I walk in and says hi, how are you doing? They are quick and helpful with any questions I may have.”

Dennis B

“I love it. I believe it’s been close to 7 years now.”

Phillip B

“Have made it easy to find the right product.”

James A

“I have never had any problems for as long as I have had Insurance with you everyone has been friendly and helpful when I had to go to the office.”

Michael A

“I felt taken care of, like my agent was looking out for my best interests, and was willing to fix problems quickly with low stress to myself.”

Mayson A